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Podcast Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War

What do you get when you put a Dozen or so Superhero’s in a movie.  You get Civil War. Does this 3rd installment in the Captain America Franchise Hold up to the prior one?  Can Cap and Ironman Coexist after this?  You will have to sit back relax and find out..

Podcast Movie Review: Batman Returns

Tim Burton gets a second crack at the Dark Knight.  Doesthis movie live up to the original or is it even better.  Alsois this the best Catwoman we get on screen?  Sit back andenjoy the ride..

Disney’s The Jungle Book (2016)

Tonight we review the Jon Favreau directed The Jungle Book.  Will this live action version of one of Disney’s most famous cartoons live up to the hype?  Well you will have to sit back and find out.  Enjoy

Podcast Movie Review: Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Tonight we discuss the new DC animated feature Justice League vs the Teen Titans.  As we know DC animated puts out some top notch movies.  Does this one hold up with the rest.  Listen to find out.

Comicbook Review: Injustice Gods Among Us Year 1 vol. 1

Superman is Earth’s Most greatest hero.  But when the Man of Steel can’t protect the thing he holds most dear, he decides to stop trying to save the world… and start ruling it.  Can this Video Game property turn comic series do the DC universe justice?  You will just have to listen to find out.    

Podcast Movie Review: Batman (1989)

Tim Burton takes on the Dark Knight.  Does this movie which most of us feel ushered in the current superhero trend deserve the praise it has received.  Is this the BEST Batman we have ever received on screen?  Well outside of Adam West :-)…. So sit back and enjoy the ride…      

Podcast Movie Review: Superman (1978)

Do you believe a man can fly?  Fair warning here if you loved this movie as a child, and still have affection for it.  I would probably pass on this review.  But if you want to here the Geekz talk about our feelings on the very first big screen (I don’t count the 66 Batman Series) superhero movie then enjoy..

Podcast Movie Review: Kung Fury

  The Geekz this week review Kung Fury: A short film which has been relased on You Tube .  Check it out here  All we have to say is that the movie is based in 1985 and Hitler is the bad guy.  Enjoy!!  

Podcast Movie Review: Disney’s Tomorrowland

This week the guys review Disney’s Tomorrowland.  Will the Geekz enjoy it? Sit back and find out.

Podcast Movie Review: Mad Max: Fury Road

From the mind of George Miller comes the 4th installment in the Mad Max franchise.  Will the Geekz give this a Hero even though we dont need another?  Sit back and enjoy..