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Podcast: Wonder Woman Review (2017)

Tonight we review the Box Office Smash Wonder Woman.  Will this 4th installment in the DC Movie Universe live up to the hype?  Does it deserve the accolades?  Well you will have to listen to find out.  Enjoy

Podcast: Episode 112: Game of Thrones, Han Solo, Power Rangers, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Justice League and More

This week the guys talk about Free Comic Book Day, and of course TOYS.. Sean and Steve talk Game of Thrones.  We also discuss Marvel, DC, Power Rangers Suits, Space Jam 2, and Ben Affleck.  So sit back and enjoy the ride..

PODCAST: Episode 111: Punisher, Flash, DC Extended Cinematic Universe, X-Men, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Toys and more

This week The Geekz discuss the DC Movie Universe and the loss of the Flash Director.  We also discuss the X-Men movies, and Wolverine in the new Trailer.  We talk, Comics, Toys, and more so sit back and enjoy the ride…

Podcast:Episode 110: King’s Hawaiian Bread, Spider-Man Homecoming, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Justice League and More

Tonight got Crazy, Alil went shirtless, Sean fell in love with Bread, and Steve has not so secret fans.. We also talk about Spiderman Homecoming, Justice League, and the Power Rangers movie. Trailers for Independence Day, Jason Bourne, Magnificent 7, and Warcraft.  So sit back and enjoy this crazy ride tonight…

Podcast: Episode 109: What Happened to Sean?, DC Extended Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe and More

So Steve and Alil have some great conversations, but fav sh%t, and Toy Box, but what happened to Sean?  Also the Geekz discuss The DC Universe movies with news that was reported out of Cinemacon, and the Marvel Universe including phase 4, and potential Fox Crossover.  So sit back and enjoy the ride..

Podcast Movie Review: Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Tonight we discuss the new DC animated feature Justice League vs the Teen Titans.  As we know DC animated puts out some top notch movies.  Does this one hold up with the rest.  Listen to find out.

Episode 108: Rogue One a Star Wars Story Trailer, Wonder Woman, Kingsman 2, Toys and more

This week we discuss Sean’s Toy extravaganza as he had a pretty big haul this week.  The Rogue One Trailer, The Killing Joke, Wonder Woman News, and so much more.  Enjoy..

Episode 107: DC Universe, Aquaman, Suicide Squad, Batman V. Superman, Toys and More

This week the Geekz talk about a lot, but one listener had them go off into Wrestling Memory lane, they also discussed, The DC Cinematic Universe with rumors from Suicide Squad, Aquaman, Justice League, and more.. So sit back and enjoy the ride…  

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part 2 Spoilers)

So here is Part 2 of our review of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.. Does the discussion get more heated?  It sure does. So sit back and enjoy..

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part 1 No Spoilers)

Due to some technical difficulties we had to split this review in 2.  So please download part 2 with our walk through of the movie where we spoil it, and talk about what we felt worked and did not work.  Enjoy…