If you would like to Adveretise on the site or on our podcast please contact us at and check out our prices below

Our Wesite and Podcast reach over 30,000 viewers and 1000+ listeners a month in the 21-38 age genre.

Price list for Advertising

1. 2×2 Banner add on website = $50 per month

2. 4 Podcast commercial ads =$20 per month

3. Twitter and Facebook Posts once a day on either Social Media site =additional $10 per month, but only included if one of the other 2 options are picked up…

 Package Deal for all Items $70 per month

If you pay in advance for 3 month block for all our items its $180.00

 If you sign up for a 3 month plan for the other 2 options we will take 10% off

 At most we would do is book 3 months at a time.

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